It’s three days before Christmas 2016 and ‘afreebean’ is now 18 months old.

For Christmas I am moving my blog from afreebean.wordpress.com to afreebean.com, because, you know, I can…

I started this blog when I first escaped from my old life; mostly as a method of letting my mum know where I was and what I was doing. As this involved a lot of climbing it also let her know that I was safe (or at least in a fit enough state to write!)

I say escaped as when I started writing I was in the process of running away. I had a lot of fun whilst running but it took 3 months to come down from the anxiety and adrenaline from the job/life that I was trying to change. I had a lot of fun in the time (see posts on the Dolomites and Bagan, Myanmar) but it wasn’t long before I stopped running and ended up back in work. I love teaching Physics but not in the current system; couldn’t see what options I had; felt that I was running backwards into my old life, in my big empty house.

I could see that I had very nearly given myself all the opportunities I wanted, and then started backtracking; none of my questions resolved…

I went into overdrive trying to ‘resolve’ everything… never a good plan. Fortunately I made some excellent (if crazy) decisions in the process. I have sold my house, have no job, am currently converting a van into a ‘mobile office and living space’ (seriously, try saying this, people look at you completely differently than if you say camper!) and am dating the most gorgeous man, who also happens to be one of my best friends. I signed up to courses, took on consultancy teacher training, started working towards outdoor qualifications, started computer programming, planning my writing… And yet I still felt anxious, without a plan, in limbo.

Then another of my best friends gave me the most wonderful bit of advice.

Cut yourself some slack, enjoy life and see what happens.

afreebean adventures continue…