A Scotch Snap – part 1

I had two big trips planned this year, Morocco and Scotland.

Morocco was outstanding and Scotland was going to be the big adventure before properly rejoining the real world and going back to uni.

My plans this year have gradually had to morph and change and things haven’t worked out as I thought; some of the things have been incredibly hard and horribly sad, sometimes some of the best moments of my life. All of it has been different to plans or expectations and I’m glad of that.

But I was damn well going to Scotland.

The conversation with Kate, much shortened, went along the following lines:
‘Scotland is turning out to be a damp squib, everyone has a life, or injuries’
‘I’ll come!’

Some time later…. A three week adventure had become a short week/long weekend and the adventure will happen later, because the things I wanted to do I don’t want to do without the people I wanted to do them with… I would have come anyway on my own, however Kate (who has known me for 17years since college and knows I’m a teeny bit eccentric) has decided to come too!

We have no real plans other than; going bouldering somewhere, seeing her brother Tris at some point and visiting a castle. We decided where I would pick her up a day in advance, and on Thursday morning I drove from Gloucester to Oxenholme to do so. So far we have stayed in Skelwith caravan park, which had totally changed my opinion about caravan parks it was a) lovely and b) I saw a red squirrel! We’ve done a sort fell walk/run, had cream tea and strawberries in the van, gone shopping in Ambelside, driven to Galloway and are now in the gorgeous village by Sweetheart Abbey.

This sounds quaint but it’s so named for the Lady who had her husband’s heart embalmed so she could carry it around for 20years until she died and is buried here…
So that’s a day and a half!
Galloway coast and bouldering tomorrow….! ….. probably

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