West Coast Mountains – Bikes and Guns..

Yesterday was spectacular, and totally worth its own personal post!

As said previously, Gem totally got her mojo on at Cala Magraner but I’d had a bit of a lull. Kane and Charlie were a day ahead of us and feeling the burn and as Roly was planning to join Bash on the bike we were a tither as to the days plan. In the end we decided to break up the band and cover more ground that way. Kane and Charlie went all tourist taking the relaxed route and Gem and I worked out that with a bit of patient driving and good timing we could do some easy routes, project climbs and meet the boys for lunch!

Our plan was aided by two sites on a big mountainous lloop having short walk ins to the crags. Our day of win included:

S’estret – a magical little crag down a river stream that deserves so much more than a half day. Challenged Gem to climb two easy routes back to back, which I then tried to emulate but got fear stumped!

Some gorgeous driving



Lunch with the boys

Boys on their bikes and Girls with the guns

Port de Soller – I still can’t believe we got this crag to ourselves. Uber gorgeous and so much fun. Having developed complete tunnel vision scaring the crap out of myself on a 6a that I ‘may’ have finished if I hadn’t done a terrifying traverse onto the wrong route?!? I then seconded the route with no rests. It appears that it’s all about the head game at this stage. 20160407_153721Gemma then outdid herself by leading onsight over half an awesome 6c climb (uk grades get harder the higher the number and c is harder than a) called blobland – a series of wierd blobby dripping tufas’, until she got to a pull up and pray move, took 3 falls, had her own ‘holy crap’ moment but tried again anyway!, and as it was 7pm (whoops) and the sun was setting over the sea, we happily called it a day.



The drive home over the Mountain range and round Puig Major, was glorious. and when we got home Bash had made a pares an crust topped macaroni cheese. Seriously – what a day of win!

(post script: Bash and Roly had an awesome cycle, Bash winning on the climb I believe and Kane and Charlie managed an hour or so of being tourists before getting bored and climbing again – obvs!)

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