Crux and Crush

Okay, so it’s nearly the end of February and I haven’t been away since Mallorca so…. what’s been going on

I arrived back in London on the 4th January, and started my new job on the 5th (why waste time hanging around!). I’ve been a Physics teacher for the last 8 years and a Head of Science for 18months until I went on my first adventure back in July. When I decided to take a break I didn’t know if I would go back. However, timing, being needed and possible adventures in the new year that needed funding meant it was a good time to get working again.

So have I gone back to the work/work/sleep/work timetable of before?

Have I hell!

I climb at the Reach climbing wall in Woolwich 2-3 times a week (at least!) – training for the next big adventure. I’m trying to start running again, visiting friends, baking, knitting, trying to study quantum mechanics and more importantly I have been spending time with my beautiful sister and am an Auntie again. Dylan has a new partner in crime, or at least he will do once Jack is past the eat/sleep/poo stage!

Speaking of partners in crime…. you can’t be a climber without a belay partner. I consider myself ridiculously fortunate to have met my best mate and climbing buddy Gemma last year and together we’ve been planning and scheming.. not only our next projects, but also our training. Gemma has been working astonishingly hard over the past three months, reading, listening and watching as much climbing and training media as she can get hold of, as well as working at the wall. After working through two separate programs (endurance and strength – tbc) we’re now looking at how we can develop and record what we’re doing. Gemma is starting a blog recording our training – so I’ll link to that regularly, and we also have a couple of film ideas in the making (that is already a hilarious prospect…)

I would point out that, whilst being an enthusiastic belay partner and slave driver (get back up that wall and don’t come down until you’ve finished!), I have not been working as hard as Gem… whilst Gemma has been doing sets and 4×4’s (seriously I’ll explain another day – I’m actually going to start a ‘Crux and Crush’ page here to filter some of the climbing related blog stuff), I’ve been pratting around climbing with A weekly as well, catching up with Roly, the ICAS crew and even dragging my darling brother to the wall. Although to be truthful I think A sometimes drives me harder than Gemma does!

project Jan 2016

Yes I fell off, and no I wasn’t allowed down until I finished!

Honestly though, I think I was back two weeks before planning the next trip… Wye valley climbing and a week away at the end of March – so the next trip to Mallorca is booked! The warm but wet winter has been hard, but today the sun was out – I reckon we can get some weekend warrior trad climbing done… and beyond that

Well, there’s the training – and that is way too much fun, the non-climbing adventures (they exist as well!) and then there are the other projects, Stoer, Morroco, Hoy…. I’ll keep you posted.

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