A better way to relax in Mallorca

Thank god I’d decided to stay overnight at Gatwick, after missing my bus, busting my bra scrambling for a different bus (fixed bra on bus using climbing tape), I think finding out it was rail replacement timetables all the way would have done me in on day one…

After a long day and little sleep (flights were fine), the usual ‘oh no we don’t think the insurance you bought covers anything’ sales pitch to pick up the car, a parking ticket within the first 4hrs arrival, no sleep in the first night at the bunkhouse  (who switches on all the lights at 2am,  seriously!), feeling (just a little) insecure surrounded by beautiful Swedish climbing girls, not enough food and water (day one acceptable error, day two – just foolish)..

It may surprise you that I am up early, happy and remarkably relaxed…

20151229_165746On Tuesday we got off the plane, picked up the car, found the hostel and by 2pm we had parked in an olive grove and were scrambling up an old stream bed to a crag in a sunny gorge. And I got Paella for dinner.

On Wednesday we went to the outstanding Valldemossa, up and over the Serra de Traumentara mountains, the crag is a cliff on the roadside overlooking the Mediterranean far below. Being right next to the road it was busy and a couple started climbing a route I was still top roping. I get that some people do this but I felt really uncomfortable, so a hair raising ride down 180deg turns to the20151230_130707 Port below for a coffee we went back to the upper section of the crag and spent the afternoon on gorgeous limestone rock, bumping into the Swedish (and German) girls we had met at the bunkhouse, who it turned out were a) excellent climbers and b) awesome people. It was a warm, sunny, fabulous afternoon finished by photographing climbers in a glorious sunset (those pics are on the camera so you’ll have to wait). A late but excellent sushi dinner and a walk around nighttime Palma finished off a fabulous day in good company  (bonus points to Andrew for being happy to sit in a cafe reading!)


As yesterday should have been our first day climbing I already feel I’m on a win, even though I’m not climbing particularly well. That is to be fixed today as we’re planning to work some routes and hopefully meet up with the girls again (they’re not staying at the bunkhouse anymore sadly – I am surrounded by the harmonic snoring of French men – you win some you lose some)

Right, breakfast then to the beach!

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