Friday = Rest day

I clearly have issues with the term ‘rest day’..

I did get up fairly late (8 rather than 6) and didn’t rush myself to decide on plans. But I was still up and out by half 9 / 10ish. With only a light breakfast as I had decided that my ideas of a full mountain walk (after three days climbing) were a bit daft so I would go for a short run instead(?!)20150807_104056

I ran downhill, along the riverside, first to Pera, then carrying on to Pozza di Fassa. Very pleased as at 3.4km it was half a k longer than I’ve run before! (

Felt very justified having my icecream snack and after some fact finding at Pera for our next days trip I cut up into the mountain and made my way along a rather idyllic walk back to the flat.

20150807_131510 20150807_134116


Arriving back at 3pm has given me some fabulous reading and prepping kit time – so a rest day afterall


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  1. Wow! Good prep! Is it the big climb adventure this weekend? My advice is climb sideways (I believe this is called traversing 😉 I’ve elarnt so much) it is far safer than

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