First full dolomites day

Woke up early having fallen asleep very early last night! The drive may have made me a little tired.

I have made up for it with a ‘rest’ day today, ha ha, who has time for a rest! Rest from driving at least.

20150803_102444I did a short run around Mazzin for a coffee and more pastries, picked up maps etc then came back for an early lunch

My photos are still not capturing this area well enough but it’s a hell of a background.


After lunch it was time to test the bike had survived 3 days strapped to the roof of the car (most weathers and high speeds.. urgh).

20150803_150747Made it easily to Canazei with a few detours along what turned out to not be cycle paths (whoops). Fortunately the new tyres helped on the trickier ground.

This is a river valley and the river, apatly named Torrentte Avisio, has that beautiful grey green water that I suspect is freezing.20150803_151351

There are a number of small villages that make up this part of the Val di Fassa, from Mazzin you pass through Campiestrin, Fontanac and Campitello before reaching Canazei, along only a 5km stretch. It is hard to tell how many are ‘working’ villages and how many are set up for tourists and winter skiing. It seems to be fairly mixed but the buildings are all of a similar style whether homes or hotels. Each of the villages has its own Chiesa (church – see, still learning), suggesting age and a local community, but it occurs to me that people may have been coming here to ski for some time – think I better read a bit of history! Will see if I have any indoor time…

Canazei is overlooked by some pretty impressive rocks – Sassolungo and the Sella pass (Rockfax p170 – might just be going up there bwahaha)


20150803_151634I even found a friendly couple taking pics of each other so we swapped camera phones (temporarily) and I have a pic of me – sweaty, bruised knees and everything! (First injury of the week – hitting myself in the back of the leg with my own pedal, some things never change)

Bit of a rest now, Strava (the running app I’m using) says I burnt 380 calories today – do you think this will cover it?


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