Italy and The Dolomites

Lets be honest I was a tad grumpy and tired last night. It doesn’t really matter though when you get to wake up somewhere quite so gorgeous. The Italian lakes was a good call on Gavins part and I’m glad I stayed to see some of it in the morning. I even got the breakfast coffee and croissant I’ve been wanting (unexpectedly filled with Apricot jam – the croissant that is).Bolarno

Sondrio would have been a terrible location to stop (I have not got a goood enough process/radar for accomodation or sleeping locations yet so spent both nights in the car). Although the mountains were beautiful Sondrio and the river drive were industrial and fairly dull (although included a fun accidental detour to farmland due to the Italian hit and miss attitude to road signs).

However after Sondrio the mountains started to rise. 20150802_073641After a fabulous drive up Passo Aprica I  crossed the Parco dell’Ademello, so many twisty turny climbs and eventually descending through the last mini Alpine section (it has a name that I’ll look up).

20150802_104607Beyond Aprico

This was just a beautiful drive all the way through beautiful places with beautiful names; Aprica, Edolo, Ponte de Legno, Dimaro, Malè, Mezzocorona (a not very small town by the river). I was just starting to feel a tad car sick when the roads straightened out and I got some faster straighter driving again.

Between Alps and Dolomites

(It’s all relative)

My first impression of the Dolomites was in comparison to the majestic rise of the Alps (not that I saw them due to serious rain..), the Dolomites sit, embedded in the ground like a chunk of hunk rolling out, the occasional fist of stone emerging from the pines. In fact, as glorious as this all was I was getting tired and was ready to get to the flat. I’d driven 1325km (approx), I had a blister on my left hand from gripping the wheel round some of the scarier bends (oh my poor little car has worked so hard), and arranged arrival time and I was pretty much done.

Then 12km from arrival I hit Moena. I have never been so taken aback by a panorama in my life, ever. I don’t have a photo because I was so entranced I forgot to stop. I can only use terms like ‘spires’ ‘jagged’ ‘fingers erupting from the mountain’. There is no method of describing this climbers paradise. It Is Awesome. And just a little scary, this rock is BIG.

Every minute of this drive has been worth it. I’ve arrived safely at the flat, managed a very short run to take the pics below, they don’t do the surroundings justice by any means and I will try for better tomorrow (oh and I found a market doing pastries so breakfast is sorted).

Casa Solaria

View behind

I have settled down to a fabulous dinner and am ready for an early night and such an exciting week.


The journey (overnight in Green, Saturday lunch in pink – I’ll mark in the actual route at a later date)


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